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Leica M9-P

Leica M9-P

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Leica M9-P

Leica M9-P

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Concentrated on Essentials. Maximum Image Quality. The LEICA M9, a camera that carries the legend of Leica M ...läs mer
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Concentrated on Essentials. Maximum Image Quality.

The LEICA M9, a camera that carries the legend of Leica M cameras into the digital age. It is the smallest full-format digital system camera the world has ever seen. In a nutshell: it is a contemporary tool for all who demand the highest standards in image quality and love freedom of composition.

24 x 36 - No Compromises.

The combination of an extremely high-resolution image sensor, the superior performance of M lenses, and sophisticated processing of the captured digital information ensures the best imaging results in all photographic situations. The 18-megapixel CCD image sensor, specifically designed and developed for this camera, enables the capture of the full 35-mm film format without any compromises. All M lenses mounted on the M9 or M9-P offer the same angle of view they had when using film material. This means that the high resolution and unique imaging quality of the now-digital M9 and M9-P are capable of fully exploiting the enormous potentials of M lenses. Or, in other words: in the case of the M9 and M9-P, it wasn't a matter of modifying the lenses to match the image sensor, but rather the other way around. This results in images particularly rich in details. Natural. Authentic. Without compromise.

Intuitive Handling.

When it comes to handling, the Leica M9 - and now, the new M9-P, too - concentrate on essentials. It has even been possible to further improve the already simple menu navigation. The key control element is an intuitive four-way switch and dial combination used in conjunction with the 2.5" monitor. Setting the sensitivity requires only constant pressure on the ISO button while simultaneously turning the dial to select the required setting. All other functions important for everyday situations are quickly and easily accessible by pressing the "Set" button: these include white balance, image-data compression, resolution, exposure correction, exposure bracketing, and programmable user profiles. The user profiles can be programmed with any camera and shooting settings, stored under an arbitrary name, and accessed quickly whenever required for a particular situation.

Compact, Built for a Lifetime, and Enduring in Value.

It is not rare for a Leica to become its owner's lifelong companion. This also applies to the digital Leica M9 and equally to the M9-P: despite the considerably larger sensor, it has been possible to maintain the compact body size of their predecessors, the Leica M8 and M8.2. With dimensions of only 139 x 37 x 80 mm, the Leica M9 and M9-P retain the ideal size of the M series and the unique honour of being the world's smallest full-format digital system cameras. The one-piece, full-metal housing, made from a high-tensile magnesium alloy, and a top deck and bottom plate machined from blocks of solid brass, provide perfect protection for their precious inner mechanisms. The digital components and shutter assembly of the M9 and the M9-P are similarly constructed with a lifetime of endurance in mind. Free updates ensure that the cameras' firmware always embraces the latest developments. In short: an M camera is not only an investment for life, but also a lifelong companion.

Leica M9-P
Produkten lades till i vårt sortiment 24.11.2013
Dimensioner (BxHxD) 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
Skärmstorlek 2,3 tum LCD/OLED
Upplösning 16,6 Megapixel
Anslutningar Micro USB 2.0, WiFi
Minnesutrymme 64 GB
Medföljande tillbehör Batteri, laddare, manual
Garantitid 12 månader
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